Daily: 5%

Deposit AT The End

  • Minimum Deposit = $10
  • Maximum Deposit = $300
  • Period : 30 days
  • Profit on calendar days


Daily: 7%

Deposit AT The End

  • Minimum Deposit = $310
  • Maximum Deposit = $1000
  • Period : 25 days
  • Profit on calendar days


Daily: 9%

Deposit AT The End

  • Minimum Deposit = $1020
  • Maximum Deposit = $3000
  • Period : 20 days
  • Profit on calendar days


Daily: 12%

Deposit AT The End

  • Minimum Deposit = $3030
  • Maximum Deposit = $5000
  • Period : 15 days
  • Profit on calendar days

You Need To Know!

The dream of any investor is to find where to invest money without risks of losing it. If you are one of those, then your dream comes true. Our platform will never cancel your investment. The flexibility of our platform is exceptional. Choose the plan that you need, or invest in the opening of a new one. Regardless of your choice you’ll take back your investment.

  • Your investment will grow with our management
  • Professional management team will carry on our work to accomplish the roadmap to increase the value of Your investment.
  • Our vision is to be the world's leader in digital trading through cutting edge blockchain technology and marketing strategy.
  • We will be one of the fastest blockchain ever made.


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Recent Market

Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) has climbed 25.9 percent from the eight-week low of $9,199.59 hit yesterday at 15:44 UTC. As of writing, bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $11,590 levels.The world's largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has appreciated by 8 percent in the last 24 hours, according to data source OnChainFX.
However, the investor community isn't convinced by the move, and comments on social media show that some believe the overnight recovery is nothing more than a "dead cat bounce."The price chart analysis indicates that only a close (as per UTC) above $12,500 (prices as per Coinbase) would add credence to rebound from sub-100-day moving average (MA) levels and confirm that a short-term bottom is in place.

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Why Choose Us

Investing into trading activity at the Forex market and in the crypto mining of cryptocurrency funds is connected with certain risks. Including with risks of loss of funds.

Fast Payment

Get your payment Fast and within few minutes up to few hours! Minimum withdrawal is $10.

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Getcash,trade Investment official company registered in the United Kingdom.

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Here is 3 Easy Steps to Busy & We provide a guided solution by first coming up with a customized investment plans for your Growth of money and then providing you with personalized support to help you get up and running. We have a holistic approach to trading that is well suited for cryptocurrency mining and trading.

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